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No, we’re not asking you to wine and dine us. Some people might think they can succeed in mortgages with a little bit of luck and some low rates. That’s a mistake.

The real key to mortgage success lies in your agents. They provide professional guidance and will do most of the grunt work involved in the process. There is no substitute for mortgage experience and expertise, and those are traits both our mortgage agents share. By connecting with the right agent, you can turn an onerous mortgage process into a walk in the park.

Get to know your potential agents below.

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Ethan Traynor

Ethan is one-half of our mortgage duo, and is a trailblazer in the mortgage industry. He’s helped countless home buyers and homeowners land a mortgage that suits their needs through careful planning and spotless execution. Attention to detail is his game, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective, responsive, and reliable agent.

“It is hard to be excited about mortgages. I definitely wasn’t until I became a mortgage agent! Throughout my studies and extensive experiences with clients, I realized they were left in the dark, especially about the process, the mortgage industry, and how they can achieve financial freedom. It’s time to change that…”

Ethan J. Traynor - Mortgage Agent

Peter Langner

Peter is the other half of our mortgage agent roster. He’s a veteran agent who works with a real passion for helping clients land the best possible deal for their mortgage. He puts a premium on communication, trust, and dedication, all traits that you’d want in a lifetime partner for mortgages.

“...Over time, through realtors, friends, and those alike, I began to see the need for good mortgage agents in Ontario. There is a lack of communicative, trustworthy, and dedicated agents to help them on their mortgage journeys. I believe being an agent is the right fit for me, and I never turned back!”

Peter Langner - Mortgage Agent

Tyler Correia

Tyler is the latest addition to our lineup of mortgage experts. He’s a trailblazing certified professional who brings to the table a passion and honesty for finances that’s rarely seen in the industry. It is his mission to not only help clients land the right mortgage, but guide them all the way through paying it off and beyond. Anyone looking to move the needle on their mortgage and financial goals ought to connect with Tyler at their earliest convenience!

"I didn’t dream of being a mortgage agent as a child, I didn't even know what mortgages were! It was through years of speaking to people “stuck” in their mortgage that I decided to research what they were. Although I learned a lot, there was always one thing that stuck out to me: Nobody wants a mortgage, but everyone wants a home. Although it may sound counterintuitive, my goal is to get you out of a mortgage as soon as possible."

Tyler Correia - Mortgage Agent

Our Goal

“I know that this might sound cliché, but Peter, Tyler and I want to make dreams come true. Whether you are purchasing a new home, renewing, refinancing your mortgage or investing in real estate, we know these can be rough and difficult waters. Together, Peter and I have spent a tremendous amount of time learning about the real estate and mortgage industry. We have collectively made this our life's mission. We realize that homeownership and financing are very serious and important life decisions. Not everyone has the time or experience to learn what they need to know. We think the reality is that big banks don’t always have our best interests in mind. How can they, when they are so disconnected from the everyday consumer? Peter and I want to help you make the right financial decisions. We can help you achieve your dreams and properly account for your wants and needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out for a call, or even a quick consultation.

Our promise to you is we will always be honest and have your best interests at heart. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you land the best deals.”

Ethan J. Traynor

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